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This Health Assessment is free.  It is an assessment that I developed over the years and used routinely with my patients when I was in private practice.  It is very thorough and looks at a number of issues both physical and emotional.  [I look at both the physical and emotional because they so actively interact with each other.]   It consists of approximately 750 questions which are answered either "Yes" or "No."  It takes about 45 minutes to complete.

Once you finish and submit the Health Assessment, your answers will generate a profile.  This profile will be a graph that lists a number of items down its left column.  For each item it will indicate the Level of Concern.  It will give you a number ranging from 0 to 10. This number is also displayed as a bar.  The higher the value and the longer the bar the more concern one should have.

To guarentee your privacy, no identifying information is required.  You may enter any name you wish. 

This is a free service offered by the Center on Health and is not meant to diagose any disease or condition but to highlight areas of possible concern.  You should concult your own health care professional for definitive diagnosis and suggested treatment.

I am G. Roy Sumpter.  I have a N.M.D. (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) from Bastyr University which is a fully accreditated university located in Redmond, WA.  I also have a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from Florida State University located in Tallahassee, FL.  I currently hold the academic rank of (full) Professor and teach at the graduate level in the area of behavioral medicine.