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Predisposing to Social Phobia

CITATION:  Gelernter, Joel,  Page, GP, et al.  (2004).  Genome-Wide Linkage Scan for Loci Predisposing to Social Phobia: Evidence for a Chromosome 16 Risk Locus.  The American Journal of Psychiatry. Washington: Jan 2004.Vol.161, Iss. 1;  pg. 59, 8 pgs

ABSTRACT:  Social phobia is a common, sometimes disabling, fear of situations that might entail scrutiny by others. Several anxiety disorders, including social phobia, are genetically influenced. The gene encoding the norepinephrine transporter protein (SLC6A2) maps to the broad region, making SLC6A2 both a positional and physiological candidate for influencing social phobia risk.


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