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A Case of Lead Poisoning Due to Snooker Chalk

CITATION:  Dargan, PI, Evans, PH, House, IM, Jones, AL.  (2000).  A case of lead poisoning due to snooker chalk.  Arch Dis Child;83:519–520.

ABSTRACT:  A 3 year, 9 month old child with pica presented with a blood lead concentration of 1.74 μmol/l (360 μg/l). The source of poisoning was snooker chalk (lead content 7200 μg/g). She was treated with intravenous calcium disodium edetate chelation.  Thirty months later her blood lead was 0.39 μmol/l (80 μg/l). This case illustrates the need to be vigilant for more unusual causes of lead poisoning in the home.


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