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Using Hypnosis to Facilitate Resolution of Psychogenic Excoriations

CITATION:  Shenefelt, P.D.  (2004)  Using Hypnosis to Facilitate Resolution of Psychogenic Excoriations in Acne Excoriee.  Am J Clinical Hypnosis. 46 (3) pg 239.

  Hypnotic suggestion successfully alleviated the behavioral picking aspect of acne excoriee des juenes filles in a pregnant woman who had been picking al the acne lesions on her face for 15 years. Acne excoriee is a subset of psychogenic or neurotic excoriation. Conventional topical antibiotic treatment was used to treat the acne. Compared with other treatments for uncomplicated acne excoriee, hypnosis is relatively brief and cost-effective and is non-toxic in pregnancy. 


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